Welcome to 2016 Tea Party


Where: Graham Cornish Room A, 2nd Floor, Union House

When: Tuesday 1 March 2016, 12pm



What sweeter way to begin the new academic year than a good ‘ol party?

But not just any ordinary party. We’re talking enticing cakes and baked goods with a boastful range of interesting teas serving as the ideal accompaniments to your indulgent treats.

So make sure to make your way down to Graham Cornish Room A on the second floor of Union House for a perfect opportunity to make some new friends! We hope to see many new faces keen to engage in deep striking conversations over cake and tea.


Joint event with T-society

Yesterday, we had a joint event with T-society, a club that absolutely loves tea! The theme of the meeting was ‘Tea for Two’, where we baked delicious treats that goes wonderfully well with tea. Unfortunately, due to academic commitments, not all of us were able to join T-society this time. Nevertheless, we had a great chat with T-society members and immensely enjoyed the lovely afternoon tea.

Amazing cakes baked by members From top to bottom: Red velvet cupcake Chai pretzel brownie Orange poppy-seed cake
C.A.K.E. members mingling around with T-society members
The salty chai pretzel brownie goes really well with a cup of Kenyan black tea.
Choose your favourite tea to go with the cake!