Week 12 Chocolate Meetup

This was our last meeting during the teaching period at university – The C.A.K.E. committee decided to hold a fabulous, exciting event for the last time in the semester. The theme for the event was…well, you guessed it: CHOCOLATE!

To make the event extra special, we have decided that on top of the wonderful bakes that our members usually bring, we would also purchase several cakes from Brunetti (aka that notorious dessert cafe, that tempts you every time you walk past) as well as the newly introduced vegetarian restaurant Mantra Lounge, to accommodate the health needs of more members and make sure they have their cake and eat it too! They were a big hit, along with several other heavenly chocolate treats that some members have brought along.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the meeting, for making it one of the most memorable events to date!


Delightful cakes baked by our beloved members:

Tim Tam Chocolate Brownie
Freddo, Mars Bars, Chocolate, Sultanas Cream Cheesecake with Walnut Base.. In short, Sinful Chocolate Cheesecake
Moist and Chocolatey Brownie. Simple but Yum!
Cocoa Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie! Who can say no to cookie?! (Renee, you’re pretty great.)

Brunetti’s Chocolate Cakes bought by the committee. They are definitely notorious for a reason – those were delicious! 20141021_121553  20141021_121633

Below is the raw vanilla & chocolate cheesecake we’ve purchased from Mantra Lounge. It wasn’t disappointing at all despite the lack of dairy and gluten – perfect for meeting several dietary health requirements. The texture was extremely creamy!  20141021_121642

Once again, thanks to all of our members that have spent their time attending our last event for the semester! We hope that everyone enjoyed the wonderful afternoon and went home with a satisfying sweet tooth!


Joint event with T-society

Yesterday, we had a joint event with T-society, a club that absolutely loves tea! The theme of the meeting was ‘Tea for Two’, where we baked delicious treats that goes wonderfully well with tea. Unfortunately, due to academic commitments, not all of us were able to join T-society this time. Nevertheless, we had a great chat with T-society members and immensely enjoyed the lovely afternoon tea.

Amazing cakes baked by members From top to bottom: Red velvet cupcake Chai pretzel brownie Orange poppy-seed cake
C.A.K.E. members mingling around with T-society members
The salty chai pretzel brownie goes really well with a cup of Kenyan black tea.
Choose your favourite tea to go with the cake!

Halloween Meeting!

With the recent election of new executive members, we were able to successfully organise our very first event, which was rather exciting for us! We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support, especially from the 2014 committee – you guys are the stepping stone of our baby steps, and we could not have done them without your help.

Many members have attended the meeting with delectable baked goods, which was enlightening to see. We were very impressed with the way everyone expressed their creativity, which epitomized both ideas of creepy and delightful; essential to halloween, of course. We truly appreciate the effort you guys have put into making these!

Much love to all, and hope to see you all soon!

2 3 4 5

Baking class: Friands!

Our first baking class of the year went off with a bang. The entire class was full of bright and beaming baking enthusiasts who wanted to learn how to make the simple and easy friand. Unlike cupcakes, friands contain almond meal and are heavier in weight. With almond slivers and berries available, our members topped their friands to the brim. One pair even tried experimenting with their own milo flavoured friands.

Allergen-free Baking!

So this time we decided to hold a meeting to cater for all those who are allergic to some staple baking ingredients. For many of us, it’s hard to imagine baking without using eggs, dairy and gluten-containing ingredients (and nuts!). However for many people, this is the only way they are able to eat some baked goodies. There’s the generalization that gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free desserts are bland and un-exciting, however many members proved this wrong! The flavours were fantastic and someone even put in the effort to make the most complicated gluten-free chocolate mousse cake we’ve seen yet 😀

Autumnal Baking

Another successful meeting with all our lovely members. This time we waved goodbye to the end of the summer months and hello to chilly times ahead with some Autumnal Baking. Once again, we were so happy to see so many people bring

in their own baking creations 🙂

A Summer Picnic

Our first welcome back event for the semester was ‘A Summer Picnic.’ Even though it was indoors, it didn’t stop the huge amount of people coming in and grabbing some baked goods. We haven’t had such a crowd of that size in a while and were a bit wary about there not being enough food. But we were pleasantly surprised to see that quite a few of our members ended up bringing their treats as well. You wouldn’t believe how happy that made us 😀

Please keep them coming!

Mad Hatter Tea Party – A Success!

It is with great pleasure to say that our Mad Hatter Tea party was fantastic! Despite our location, we still drummed up a lot of attention and had plenty of people come by for an afternoon of sandwiches, cake and mingling. And our committee were great in trying to dress up according to them with all our bow ties and bunny ears 🙂


Hey everyone!
c.a.k.e. logo




So it’s been a year already since you last updated your membership with us. Or this could be the first time you join our club.

This year our main sign-up booth will be:
WHERE? South Lawn
WHEN? Friday 28th, 11am-3pm (We would much appreciate it if you could come before 3 just so we’re not in a rush to pack up)
WHY? because we have more baked goodies at our table

Do watch out for our giant walking cupcake too! She can point the way to where you’ll find us.

WHAT IF I CAN’T MAKE IT? We will be hosting a Welcome Back event in week 2 so you can definitely sign up then, or at any other meeting throughout the year.

Hope to see you guys there 😀