What do we do?

Welcome to Melbourne University C.A.K.E Club! (Also known as Consistently Amazing Kitchen Endeavours)

‎C.A.K.E is a club for anyone who loves baking, eating and just good food in general. Our main goals are not to simply give away free baked goods, but to share ideas and skills with our members.

These meetings are held fortnightly and usually have a theme. In the past our most popular themes were High Tea, Easter (chocoooolatttttte) and Halloween. Of course we would love to hear ideas from our members as well. So if you have one, do tell us!

As well as these regular meetings, we also hold baking classes and excursions throughout the year. The baking classes will be held at a hired kitchen in the city and will be tailored according to the skills of our members. Meanwhile if you have any baking questions, do feel free to ask any of our committee because almost all of us are bakers ourselves and we each have our own specialty. The excursions we will take you to will usually be at dessert places around Melbourne city. We welcome recommendations and of course our committee will try the places out ourselves before we take our members there.

For each meeting, we highly encourage our members to bring along their own baked goods from home to our meetings and not just rely on the food that we provide. This way you can share your creations with everyone and receive feedback from fellow bakers. It will also help us tailor our baking classes.

We hope to see you at our meetings, so come along and join us in many food adventures 🙂


2 thoughts on “What do we do?

  1. Hello! Ex CAKE club committee member here. Good to see that the club is still alive and well, having a blog for it is a great idea! Wish we’d had that back in the day. Good luck with your kitchen endeavours.

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