Hey everyone!
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So it’s been a year already since you last updated your membership with us. Or this could be the first time you join our club.

This year our main sign-up booth will be:
WHERE? South Lawn
WHEN? Friday 28th, 11am-3pm (We would much appreciate it if you could come before 3 just so we’re not in a rush to pack up)
WHY? because we have more baked goodies at our table

Do watch out for our giant walking cupcake too! She can point the way to where you’ll find us.

WHAT IF I CAN’T MAKE IT? We will be hosting a Welcome Back event in week 2 so you can definitely sign up then, or at any other meeting throughout the year.

Hope to see you guys there 😀



A Mad Tea Party
Hey everyone!
O-week is just around the corner and we thought we’d start off with a bang. We’ll be hosting an extravagant tea party filled with lots of goodies such as sandwiches, cakes, tarts, cookies, ice tea and more.
And the best part? It’s a MAD HATTER TEA PARTY!
We’ll be set up on the lawn next to the 1888 building (Graduate Building. Map Ref. L20) You can’t miss us.
Thursday 27th February

So come along to see your wonderful committee and have a bite to eat with some tea.


Our sign up booth for Clubs & Societies will be on Friday @ South Lawn from 11am-3.00pm. Find us 🙂
So be there to renew your membership for this year and grab more baked goodies off us!
We’ll see you all there 😀
Your fabulous C.A.K.E committee